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Welcome to Lemonade Social™ by Lemonade Maker®

Life gives entrepreneurs an extra dose of lemons. Fight back with Lemonade Maker™ strategies!

About Lemonade Social™

Lemonade Social is the official social platform for all things Lemonade Maker!

When you join Lemonade Social you'll connect with entrepreneurs from across the globe, you'll learn from expert business leaders and expand your business aptitude and knowledge, and you'll gain the opportunity to join an exclusive Lemonade Maker™ entrepreneur round-table group near you!

Best of all, Lemonade Social™ is FREE to all entrepreneurs! Join today and experience education, community and innovation, Lemonade Maker™ style!

3 Reasons to Join Lemonade Social™

There are three secrets to success as an entrepreneur: education, community and innovation.


School teaches you how to follow directions. Entrepreneurs create the directions. You need to have a different mindset to become a successful entrepreneur and the only way to do that is to learn from those who have gone before you.


Mediocre entrepreneurs tend to be lone wolves. Successful entrepreneurs know that it’s not good to be alone, so they connect with trusted groups of like-minded colleagues to leverage ideas, experience and education.


Learn to turn your biggest challenges into your greatest successes! The best ideas always come from the worst problems. Discover the hidden gem of opportunity that comes with every challenging situation. Solving problems isn’t just about survival, it’s a chance to create something unique!

Lemonade Maker's online community seeks to help entrepreneurs expand their business aptitude and education, connect with expert business leaders and fellow entrepreneurs, and learn to innovate through creative problem-solving.

Lemonade Maker™

If you're an entrepreneur who is ready to leverage the Lemonade Maker™ brand to help take your business to the next level, then join today to connect to our growing online community!

Life gives entrepreneurs an extra does of lemons. Fight back today with Lemonade Maker™ strategies and turn your BIGGEST challenges into your GREATEST successes!

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